German implementations

The results of the production of biodegradable  plastic out of polylactic acid are multiplied in those following teacher education modules.

  • 06.03.18 in Pforzheim
  • 20.03.18 in Ulm
  • 08.07. – 11.07.18 in Esslingen
  • 12.03. – 14.03.18 Nationwide Network of Biotechnology Highschools in Mosbach

Danish implementations

Implementation at Thisted Gymnasium STX & HF (TG)

In January 2019 29 students at TG made a project about biohydrogen for their great midterm assignment.

They performed an experiment with producing biohydrogen by fermentation and running a fuel cell. They analyzed the gasproduction from the fermentation by gaschromatography and made an additional experiment with running a fuel cell with hydrogen form reduction of H+ by magnesium. The purpose of the last experiment was to calculate the amount of energy produced by 1 mL of hydrogen in a fuel cell and thereby estimating the amount of possible produced energy from the fermentation experiment.


Besides from discussing the results of the experiment, the assignment also included discussion of how biohydrogen can be used as a sustainable source of energy replacing energy from fossil fuels.

4 of the students and their teacher participated in the Erasmus meeting in Vienna I November 2018, and these students were able assist the other students during the experiment.    

Besides from the above the teachers who participated in the Erasmus project has shared their experiences with the other biology and chemistry teachers at TG and therefor it is very likely that more project like the one above will be performed at TG in the nearest future and later on.