French publicity

At LS, the project was disseminated by two radio channels, one radio based in Evreux, and other which is a web-radio for overall Normandie.

The local channel talked about Erasmus+ program in general, and the regional program in Normandie discussed student experiences through our project.

The regional channel broadcast occurred just before European elections.


Erasmus : les voyages forment la jeunesse !


Hungarian publicity

1.Èszak article

2.Minap article

Danish Publicity

Article from local newspaper

Article from the school yearbook

Austrian Publicity

Facebook site


A nationwide Radio-Podcast about the Erasmus+-meeting in Vienna (Channel Ö1):

Radio interview from local radio



A workshop about the production of bioethnol out of cellulose has been done together with the former mentor Paul Fischill. A lecture about the mentoring concept has been done. The discription of both lecture and workshop  has been published on


An article on the webpage about the Erasmus+-Meeting in Vienna has been published. This website is one category of the biggest national podcast company ORF.


Kollegium Kalksburg is a catholic high-school in jesuit tradition, which means that there is a close contact to the Jesuit order. Therefor the website of the organisation of all religious order published an article about the Erasmus+-meeting in Vienna on and on the facebook-account of the organisation.

Turkish publicity

A small contribution

Hamburg publicity

Harburg-Aktuell Article